It’s time to actually make a real change. I will, I must make The Year to Simplify happen.

originally posted on June 16, 2014 on Polkadot-Bow

I want to blog. I want people to actually read my blog. I want to grow my blog, to write things that people want to read, to become somebody’s must-read. I know that this isn’t a lazy job. I also know that, for the year that Polkadot-Bow has existed, I haven’t been going in the right direction to even go near my hope. I haven’t posted that often, I haven’t taken great photos, I haven’t tried at all. Worse, I’ve adopted the voices of other bloggers, so my old posts don’t even sound like me. I haven’t had clear direction, and to be honest, I don’t really know what this blog is about.

A month ago, I wanted to grow this blog, and to do it faster, faster. So I look for new blogging communities, new blogging tips, new ideas. I read and read. And one link led to another, and– oh! I see a catchy title. So I read and read about how to use Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and analytics until fifteen minutes of checking stuff online becomes three hours. And I stay up late, finishing my homework that I should have been doing. At last I finish my schoolwork, and go to bed. And in the morning, I’m not surprised when I’m exhausted. Then I’m too tired to pay attention in school. Which leaves me with more homework for what I didn’t finish in class. And it takes longer, since it’s harder to think. I’m stuck in this cycle of exhaustion.

Now it’s finals week, then school will be out. I’ll go away to summer camp, and then some traveling, when I can totally forget about my daily routine. But when I come back, I can’t let it happen again. I must make a change. I’ve been thinking this for some time now, and have tried various short term things, all that have failed. The other day I was reading this post at The Minimalists, and I have found that it rings true for me. When things become a necessity, well, do I have a choice?

I don’t need to read blog tip articles that almost always tell me the same things, or things I already know. For some reason, I keep thinking that I’ll find some miracle tip one of these days. I don’t even like social media that much. It overwhelms me. Well… all this overwhelms me: New content. Constantly updated. Faster loading. More networking. Easier sharing. Ideas straight to your inbox. You NEED to sign up for this.

No, I don’t. I need to focus. Learn what’s important.

My blog is about my journey to living sustainably. Um. One thing about me– I take on rather ambitious projects. That don’t succeed. But this is a necessity– because if I live a lifestyle that can’t last long, well, it won’t last long. It will collapse.

And it’s a desire. It isn’t right that I’m so often exhausted. The key to making big changes is to take it slow and steady, to avoid burnout. So steadily, strongly, I’ll go now. This isn’t the first time I’ve made this resolution. But I really want to, need to live sustainably. I must live sustainably. To do that, I must simplify.

I have my regular commitments (school, music lessons, extracurriculars, etc) but every so often I pick up a temporary project. I’ve had several project ideas, and I know that it is a bad idea to have more than one major project at a time. So then I realized that I was having trouble managing these things, because I had another problem… there’s all this clutter. There’s clutter in my room (it’s been a hazard for too long), there’s clutter in my schedule, there’s clutter in my mind. I need to simplify. I need to focus on what’s important. I need to learn what’s important. I’m devoting a year to this major project, because if I make it short-term, it’s going to last for that long.

I’ve actually already started this project yesterday. I’ve given a theme to each month. The rest of this June is The Beginning, which involves letting go of physical belongings, digital belongings, and figuring out my priorities. During July, I’m going to be away and on an electronics break, but I’ll update in August. The theme is Learning the Essentials. What do I really need?


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