reflections: from what i wrote in polkadot-bow

Let’s go back to the oldest posts on this blog, that I copied over from my former one.

reflections from polkadot-bow title

Purge, Cull, Let Go

At the time I wrote this post, I had been purging, culling, and letting go a lot. I’ve already gotten rid of many of the unnecessary things that got in my way a lot, so I haven’t been doing that as much. I still have some things that I probably don’t need, but they don’t serve as huge distractions or annoyances. For example, I have a large craft stash, even though I don’t craft much. However, I’m not going to get rid of the materials, because they can be used again, and are occasionally helpful when I do make something. There are also some things that I don’t really need, but were rather expensive, so I need to find the proper way to pass them on to someone else who will use them well.

Why I Ripped Up My List of Goals

At the beginning of the post, I wrote about how I used to want to go on an adventure, and I still kind of do. I was imagining some sort of nature, outdoorsy thing, which I haven’t done yet. But in a way, I have gone on an adventure. Lots of adventures. When I read and write and listen to music, I get to travel and experience things that I wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

So I don’t spend a lot of time outdoors or crafting or traveling, but that’s okay. I spend it on other things I enjoy. I still want to do those things, but just because I find out about something and it’s cool doesn’t mean I have to go all in. (Also, I’m working on doing the splits again).

I ripped up my list of goals because I thought it might be holding back from maybe what I was supposed to me. Now, I have goals again, but they are easier on the mind. They aren’t a long list of things to check off. I have three focuses that are habits I develop and continually work on. Because I can actually remember them all, they are important to me, and they are carefully selected, I can actually work on them. Instead of holding me back, they push me forward to stretch and grow.

Year to Simplify

I started out with a list of things to for the Year to Simplify, but now it’s a lifestyle. I’ve gone backwards on a few things, like checking on blogs that I had previously crossed off, and checking my email more than twice a week. I said that I had to make a change when I came back to school. On that, I kind of failed. I was still stuck in a cycle, kind of. I’m still tired during the day, and sometimes procrastinate, and sometimes spend way too much time on trivial decisions.

But I’m working on it, slowly. I’ve removed enough clutter that it’s no longer a huge distraction. I’m more conscious about buying new things and adding new responsibilities. I let go of a lot of activities that were taking more from me than I was getting back, and learned to accept that I don’t have to do everything.


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