Pieces, No. 1

Every so often, when I find a relevant piece that resonates with me enough to share, I’ll share it with you. Maybe you’ll find something that speaks to you?

“On What To Be” by Kelly Quirino

This is a beautifully written essay that particularly resonates with me, as I’m supposed to be figuring out what kind of job I’m going to have, while facing pressure to raise my ambitions to my abilities. It’s published on Quiet Revolution, a new site dedicated to sharing stories, reflections, and advice that relates to their mission “to unlock the power of introverts for the benefit of us all.”

“To Highschoolers: Do You” by Madison Malin

While this may not be too relevant at this time of year, it contains some nice reminders that I was reminded of by my first recommendation.

“When Will I Ever Arrive?” by Lacy Clark Ellman

The question, When will I ever arrive? is something that I can relate to, though I haven’t put it this way. This is a little bit of why I wanted to direct my attention to focusing on the “now” this year. I tend to think about striving to arrive in the future instead of remembering that I can arrive in the moment.


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