Don’t make me think of a title

I haven’t posted here in a while. I had some posts in drafts, but I never finished them. Some of them I didn’t finish just because I hadn’t finished them and a bunch of time passed and then the posts no longer reflected what I wanted to say. Some of them I didn’t finish because I thought, like, nobody’s going to want to read this and it’s just me going on about blah blahblah something whatever. That, and I needed to spend more time working on my personal, creative writing instead of just blog writing.

I had been going between these two mindsets–sometimes I thought I should stop blogging because I wasn’t adding value to anyone’s life by blogging and I could spend my time on something more worthwhile, and sometimes I thought I had ideas compelling enough to share, that people out there in the world would want to read.

Before a year ago, every so often I forgot about blogging or thought about quitting, and every so often I came back and decided to blog, just not regularly, but with actually good posts that people would be glad they read. This time I forgot about blogging for almost a year. Occasionally Finally Raining would emerge in the back of my mind as something I used to do, but I didn’t feel inspired or motivated to write on this blog anymore.

In the last twelve months, I have barely done any of the things I wanted to do, and I still wished I had accomplished more, that is, more of what I found most important. Yet in a year a lot has happened. I am exhausted from the school year, and I think much of my current exhaustion comes from this last month and all the project work I need to persist through in these last few weeks.

So. It kind of occurred to me that maybe I should write on Finally Raining again. I haven’t been able to accomplish a significant writing project or stay with the minimalism thing, which I wanted to do before blogging again, but I’m thinking this isn’t adding an extra activity back to my plate as much as it is acknowledging and sharing the things I can learn even when life is busy and crazy, the things I can see even with all the clutter.


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