things & stuff, no. 1


the things i seriously need to do:

  • sew pockets into all my clothes
  • figure out how to sew
  • make those outfits I dream up
  • start listening to French music
  • procure a sufficient quantity of journals and put them in the right places
  • carry pen and paper at all times
  • write everyday
  • breathe


the journals i feel the need to keep:

  • journal for bringing to school, day trips, travels
  • slips of paper or index cards to keep in the back pocket at all times (see “sew pockets into all my clothes”)
  • free-writing notebook to keep in regular writing space for daily writing sessions (see “write everyday”)
  • dream journal to keep by bed for the ideas that come to me before, during, or after sleeping
  • project journal for long writing projects
  • electronic journal for when i feel like typing
  • sketchbook where i actually draw
  • photo journal for scenes that look nice
  • blog, whatever this thing is for


the features and sections i want to have on this blog now:

  • Pieces: pieces others write that I want to share and that show pieces of life and what I’m thinking about
  • Sewing + Crafts: make stuff and post about it
  • Writing Journal: thoughts from a writing journal, updates on writing progress, maybe posts like Sophie’s Poetry Thief posts
  • Adventures of a Pearl: creative challenges and progress updates towards goals
  • things & stuff: lists of things & stuff from life each week



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