30 things i want to learn

  1. how to sleep well
  2. how to take my artistic abilities seriously
  3. how to take my ideas seriously
  4. how to cook
  5. how to avoid late night group work stress scenarios
  6. how to be appropriately open, honest, vulnerable, and friendly with everyone
  7. how to be independent but know when to accept help from others without being a burden
  8. how to be religious
  9. how to be politically engaged
  10. how to stand up for what i believe in
  11. how to ask the right questions
  12. how to introduce myself
  13. how to shut up and listen
  14. why i’m here
  15. how to make friends
  16. how to be a friend
  17. what i’m doing as a writer
  18. how to bounce back from rough starts
  19. how to pray
  20. how to be kind
  21. how to love
  22. how to be patient
  23. how to be grateful
  24. how to rejoice
  25. how to have hope and keep it
  26. how to let go of my ideas of people so that i can see people for who they are
  27. how to let go of people
  28. how to be unattached to material possessions
  29. how to trust myself
  30. how to let go of my idea of myself so that i can be who i need to be

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