Bucket List (edited July 21, 2017)

Guidelines for the bucket list:

  • Ideas that excite me
  • Recurring desires
  • Things that I can do stuff toward
  • Can add, edit, or remove items at any time
  • Are in no particular order
  • Are by no means obligations but rather picture of my ambitions and imagination and rainbows and ponies and idk seen through clouds on a subtly windy day
  1. Read 50 books in one year
  2. Write 70 pages that I’m proud of
  3. Finish a cohesive collection of writing
  4. Finish writing a novel
  5. Publish a poem in one of my favorite journals
  6. Publish an essay in one of my favorite journals
  7. Write and produce a play
  8. Write a piece that scares me in a good way
  9. Learn how to make and manipulate garment patterns (make three variations of each?)
  10. Design and make a dress
  11. Learn to cook a week of meals
  12. Learn to cook bao zi, jiao zi, zong zi, man tou, cong you bin, jian bin the way my mother makes them
  13. Eat a whole foods, plants-based diet (for at least a year, and maintain)
  14. Learn to give a genuine compliment
  15. Finish CS50X and consequently learn some C, Python, JavaScript, SQLite, CSS, HTML
  16. Figure out how to program by doing cool stuff (make one project that I initiate and implement)
  17. Learn C++, Java
  18. Do the splits
  19. Do a single pirouette without falling over
  20. Do a double pirouette
  21. Do a triple pirouette
  22. Developpe above 90 degrees
  23. Become strong enough to do all the combinations in ballet class that we’re supposed to do on demi-pointe on demi-pointe without falling over
  24. Learn modern (take a class for at least two semesters)
  25. Read a non-L’Elegance du Herisson book in French
  26. Read L’Elegance du Herisson (one of my favorite books and my favorite translated book in the original language)
  27. Become proficient in French
  28. Become proficient in Chinese
  29. Learn American Sign Language
  30. Learn another language (take advantage of whatever opportunities come my way)
  31. Choreograph a dance
  32. Get to know my town (Explore two other neighborhoods for at least one hour each, visit the other library, visit a park for at least an hour)
  33. Get to know another town or city (Walk around exploring the streets for at least two hours, visit the library, visit a local restaurant or food-related establishment, visit a park for at least an hour)
  34. Live in Senegal (for at least six weeks)
  35. Live in France (for at least six weeks)
  36. Live in Vermont (for at least six weeks)
  37. Live in Oregon (for at least six weeks)
  38. Live somewhere rural (for at least six weeks)
  39. Live in a city (for at least six weeks)
  40. Live somewhere on the West Coast (for at least six weeks)
  41. Live somewhere in the Midwest (for at least six weeks)
  42. Visit California
  43. Visit Denmark
  44. Visit Finland
  45. Visit Sweden
  46. Work in an environmental science research lab
  47. Write for a periodical publication (for at least four months)
  48. Learn to type with the Dvorak keyboard (with at least the same speed as with the U.S. keyboard)
  49. Learn to improv
  50. Write and give a speech with at least 100 people in the audience
  51. Be confident making up the moves up as I go (while dancing while people are watching)
  52. Get a job being paid to do something I’m excited about
  53. Produce a short film
  54. Visit the town where I was born
  55. Find a writing group/ community
  56. Find a community interested in sustainability
  57. Read at an open mic
  58. Do a reading (poetry or other writing)
  59. Make lasting friendships in college
  60. Get to know office staff in college
  61. Get to know a professor in college
  62. Host a themed party
  63. Coordinate an event
  64. Be cool enough to have an author website
  65. Be okay with talking to people
  66. Wear an outfit that displays my dream level of sophistication
  67. Read the entire Bible
  68. Grow a garden for at least two years
  69. Be content with my wardrobe
  70. Become financially independent
  71. Stop being so busy
  72. Learn how to listen
  73. Learn how to speak
  74. Become the boss of my insecurities rather than the other way around
  75. Learn the confidence to say what I think
  76. Find a good reason for this blog’s existence

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