Pieces, No. 8: Summer 2018 – Blogs and Internet articles

“Admitting that I can’t do it all…or even half of it” by Jennifer Fulwiler

I have been that overplanning time-maximizer. This year, I have been realizing that I will always feel behind when I try to keep up with too much. Jen’s reflection on what she learned from the nun’s schedule in this post supports and clarifies the insights that I have gained and am trying to apply to my life.


“The courage to rest” by Jennifer Fulwiler

This is a later post on the same topic that I also find worth sharing.


“A meditation on the shocking idea that maybe we’re actually not just lazy whiners” by Jennifer Fulwiler

The story that Jennifer shares in this post resonates with a topic that I have been thinking about this past year and the conclusion that I have been coming to. I previously thought, first world problems aren’t real problems, so how hard can my privileged life really be? But beating myself up for feeling like I was struggling is counterproductive and forcing myself to be grateful doesn’t work. As I found this past school year, recognizing the problems and hardships that I experience as real struggles rather than things-to-ignore-because-at-least-I-have-food-and-college made these challenges easier to deal with and freed my mental space and energy so that I could genuinely appreciate the blessings in my life.


“Evidence-based advice on how to be successful in any job” by 80000 Hours

Much of this advice sounds a lot like how to be a better individual and community member. We should see personal wellbeing and performance, kindness and achievement, self-improvement and helping others as complementary rather than mutually exclusive.


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