Pieces, No. 6

An epic corruption battle over 2 dollars which caused the bus to leave me behind in the middle of nowhere by Mariëlle Coppes

The Legacy of the Man Who Changed Our View of Nature by Diane Toomey (interview with biographer Andrea Wulf about 19th century scientist Alexander von Humboldt)

How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail: Why worldview threats undermine evidence by Michael Shermer


Pieces, No. 5

On the Political Value of Fashion by Hoda Katebi

There is no such thing as a person who isn’t political. Our decisions are political.

I feel miserable. How do I fix it? by Mariëlle Coppes


How to give a compliment that people will remember for years by Mariëlle Coppes

I used to hate receiving or giving compliments because they all seemed so fake. But compliments aren’t fake if they are thoughtful and genuine.

Want to Know How to Build a Progressive Movement Under Trump? Look to Standing Rock by Audrea Lim